X-posse.com is a totally gnarly creation of Eclectic Studios, Inc.

Hey Kids! It's time for the super-fun X-Posse mailing list! WhooHoo!

Here's the deal. After not-so extensively searching for a way for The X-Posse to keep in contact, it was suggested that a Yahoo! Group might be what we need. (I can't remember who voiced the suggestion, but I'd be happy to give you credit) So that's what we got. Just send an email to:
xposse-subscribe@yahoogroups.com FROM THE MAIL ACCOUNT YOU WISH TO USE. (Yahoo uses the address in the email's FROM field so you can leave the subject and message blank) That's it. You're up and running wit da Posse!

You can now send messages to the entire Posse just by sending a single email to:

xposse at yahoogroups dot com

(the email is written this way to keep web-spiders from obtaining the group address and spamming us all. Trust me, it's a bad thing. You don't want that.)

Hopefully this will bring a whole new era of communication to The Posse. In case you're worried, it's very easy to unsubscribe from the list. Just send an email to:

There are some other swank Yahoo! features we may end up using in the future. Checkout The X-Posse group page at yahoo here:

- Danimal