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The following areas lie within the domain of The X-Posse:

TOWER PARK: Fort Thomas, KY
Tower Park is a small collection of trails on a steep slope leading down to the Ohio River. If you're going to Tower, bring your climbing legs. This local retreat is popular with core X-Posse riders because of it's location. Only 4 miles south of downtown Cincinnati, Tower Park's popularity increases as the days become shorter in the fall.

Good as a training course or for taking beginners on their first single track, East Fork is a relatively low impact, picturesque trail consisting of two loops approximately 7 miles total.

Probably the best biking in Ohio, Caesar's has a bit of everything. Switch-backs, creek crossings, climbs and downhill. Caesar's is the place to be on a Mountain Bike in Ohio. NOTE: Caesar Creek has the highest concentration of Poison Ivy the X-Posse has yet to encounter. Prepare accordingly.

HARBIN PARK: Fairfield, OH
Known as Barfi'n Park to some members of the X-Posse, Harbin boasts one of the biggest climbs in the Cincinnati Area. Known as Mount Mother, this double-crested climb will take your breath away. Harbin is mostly made of semi-technical swich-backs and short climbs. The relative altitude of the park also means it is one of the quickest trails to dry after rain.

CAVE RUN: Morehead, KY
It's a haul to get to Cave Run for a day trip, but this portion of the Daniel Boon National Forest is a popular week-end get away for members of the X-Posse.